Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My End To The River Season 2010/11

Sunday 13th March

Well that's it for another season on the rivers and this year I was fortunate enough to be able to fish on both Sunday and Monday. On Sunday I decided to have a go on the Nene at Fotheringhay but when I arrived I found a couple of anglers in the pegs that I had wanted to fish so I walked downstream and around the bend. The river was ideal for the waggler so I set up a 4 AAA insert waggler so I could cast 3/4 across the river with plenty in reserve in case the wind changed or got tricky.

Downstream at Fotheringhay

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

River Nene at Stibbington - Sunday 6th March

I was really quite excited to be going to the river after having spent the last few weekends fishing the canal, I had chosen to fish near the boat yard at Stibbington on the river Nene.
We arrived at Sutton village at 08.30 and after lifting the tackle over a fence started the walk to the river which is about 5 minutes across a couple of meadows, the weather was cool but it was quite a nice day. The section opposite the boat yard was well sheltered from the light easterly wind and what wind there was came from behind us so would no hamper our presentation. I decided to sit adjacent to the downstream end of the boatyard as the peg was a little flatter and more comfortable because I had left the footplate off of my box to save weight and didn't fancy holding a pole with my feet all to cock as it would end in back ache.

A great peg with a number of options