Thursday, 2 June 2011

Maver Match This 5 Pole Review

Well after a lot of thought I came to a decision and parted with my hard earned cash and became the proud owner of one of Mavers 2011 competition poles the Match This 5. This model is a 16m pole and comes with a very impressive spares package consisting of 4 x MT3s, 1 x MT4, 4 x PKs, 1/2 Butt and a cupping kit and cups, I also added another No 4 and 5 section as I often fish deep river venues. The feel and balance of the pole at 13m is absolutely spot on and I can easily hold it with one hand across my leg which allows me to use the catapult without having to put the pole down. The pole is also well balanced at 14.5m and 16m and although most of my fishing is done at 7 to 13m I fully intend to fish it at these lengths when conditions allow on the rivers Welland and Great Ouse this season.

I was pleased to find I didn't need to trim the top kits back too far at all to accommodate the internal bushes in the match kits to take up to a No 8 elastic. I then trimmed the power kits to the same length as the match kits and fitted internal bushes that are capable of taking a 14 solid elastic which should be more than enough for the fishing I do.

Both Match and Power top kits cut back to the same length as the cupping kit
 I have used the pole a few times now on a variety of venues from the Grand Union Canal catching small Roach to commercial mixed fisheries catching Tench and Carp up to 6lb.
The pole has performed very well so far and I am more than impressed with the technology that has gone into it which really translates into improved handling and function.
Most of the time manufacturers use fancy names and terminology in their advertising blurb but quite often they do no give any perceivable benefits in use but you can notice the differences that Maver claim. 

For example the Magic Steps top kits really does allow the elastic to run more freely allowing it to come out much more smoothly and so far I have had no problems with elastic hanging out of the end of the pole.
All sections have the Sun Core anti friction finish and this really passes through wet or dry hands far better than my previous poles, it also reflects some of the heat on sunny days keeping the pole cooler " I  am sure you have all experienced how hot a pole can get on a summers day".
Maver Fusion is the the fusing of 2 high modulus carbon in the top kits that significantly reduce tip bounce when shipping the pole, this is quite noticeable as you do not spill feed out of pots as easily and it really reduces the risk of tangles when shipping out rigs on very short line quickly. This also improves the response and recovery when you strike allowing you to hit more bites.
The last thing of real note is the Teflon joints, this is a wrap of Teflon on the male joints of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th section and as yet after 5 outings these joint look like brand new which is good because Maver have suffered joint wear on previous models.

The weight and balance of the pole is very good and on par or better than most of the other manufactures poles at the mid price point and I have compared it to most other poles available.
I have had a feel of all of the sections and although they feel strong enough there are stronger poles on the market, but as you would expect most of the stronger poles don't feel quite as good to hold.

Overall I am very pleased with the Match This 5 Pole and I cant wait for the start of the river season so I can put it through its paces on some of my favourite natural venues.

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