Friday, 22 April 2011

New Pole Dilemma: Part 2

Following on from my first article on choosing a new pole in December I now bring you part 2 and the conclusion to my search, in part 1 I was looking at the following poles.
  • Shimano Super Ultegra
  • Sensas Power Match 56XL
  • Daiwa  SR5
  • MAP 525
  • Maver Competition 181
After trying as many of these poles as I could and reading every review I could find I was more confused than ever, so to make matters worse I added a few more prospective models to my list  including the following.

  • Daiwa G20
  • Preston GXR3001
  • Maver Match This 4
  • Maver Match This 5
I will start with the Daiwa, I tried the G20 against the cheaper SR5 and I could notice a little better balance and rigidity over the SR5 but both of the poles did seem strong enough in the hand. I did feel that the balance wasn't quite right though with both the Diawa poles being a little nose heavy compared to some I had tried.The spares package although not bad did not really meet my requirements and would need some extra match kits and 4th and 5th section to meet my requirements. Although this pole didn't really suite me I would recommend anyone to add it to their list and give it a look over as it is a good bench mark in the £1000 to £1500 price range.

Next up was the Preston GXR3001, as soon as I picked this one up I knew this was what I wanted my new pole to feel like, the weight and balance being very impressive in this price range. It also has all of the features of the Mavers as it comes out of the same Reglas factory in Italy with Suncore Finish, Fusion and Magic Steps top kits etc. The main drawback for me on this one was the package of 5 power top 2s and 2 match top 3s which for me missed the spot by miles because at £1500 this was at the top end of my budget. If you are ok with the spares package and looking at this price you would be mad not to look at this one.

I must admit that after holding the Preston Pole I was expecting similar things from the 2 Maver poles and providing they could match up they would be in the running with their great spares packages.
I elected to try the series 4 first and on picking it up I was quite impressed with the overall balance although not quite as good as the GXR although the little bit of extra weight was hardly noticeable.
I now assessed the series 5 directly against the series 4 to see what  the lighter and more expensive model would give me. Overall the difference was quite small and it was only just noticeable that it was a little lighter and better balanced but I could see that it was a little more rigid and responsive. This pole is definitely on par with the GXR3001 in terms of balance and rigidity and definitely leaves it for dead with it spares package. It comes supplied with 1 match top 3 in the pole, 3 more spare top 3s, 1 match top 4, 4 power top 2s and a cupping kit. It also comes with a half extension a set of clean caps a DVD and a holdall, all I would need extra was  No 4 and No 5 sections and so the decision was made it was to be the Maver Match This 5.

Maver Match This 5, 16m pole, 795g @13m

A big thanks to Benwick Sports for their great service and even better prices, they offer the best price in the country on Maver poles and are very competitively priced on most other brands. I have posted a few useful links below to help you select and buy your next new pole.

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