Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Peterborough Pole Repairs

In this post I would like to tell you about my new business Peterborough Pole Repairs, the idea came from the realisation that we needed a professional pole repair service in the Peterborough area. Now I know there are already a number of first class repair services around the country but after speaking to a number of local anglers it became apparent that they would value a local service. As an angler of over 40 years I have always performed all of my own tackle repairs and so this was a natural progression for me.

Two Sessions on the Welland

Friday 24th June
This weekend I decided that I would have another look at the river Welland and this time I would concentrate my effort around Four Mile Bar. I had arranged to have an evening session on Friday night and set off from home at 5pm after work, I arrived at the river at 5.30 and had a quick look off of the footbridge. I was pleased to see the water had some colour in it and while I stood there for a few minutes I saw a couple of Bream roll, well that was enough for me and I hurriedly got the gear from the car and positioned myself near to where I had seen the fish roll.

A view from the East bank below the footbridge at Four Mile Bar

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Season Starts Here But only Just

The River Welland
I must admit that my first outing of the season was a complete let down, having elected to start on the river Welland.
I looked at various points along the river and eventually found a tinge of colour at Four Mile Bar footbridge. This tinge of colour then continued all the way to Spalding which gave me a few miles of river to go at and I decided to sit just around the bend upstream of the bypass bridge (not sure of the peg number). Starting off on the feeder I had ten quick casts to get some bait out and then settled down to recasting every 5 minutes or so until the fish found the dinner table.

The river Welland

Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Season Preview

Well its nearly that time again and although June 16th doesn't hold quite the same attraction for me as it did years ago I still look forward to returning to the rivers after the lay off. This closed season has been a little different for me in the fact that I have actually been out fishing when normally I don't bother. The main reason is that I bought a new pole and I couldn't go all of that time without trying it out now could I?

I am planning on fishing the river Welland in the first couple of weeks of the season as there is

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Maver Match This 5 Pole Review

Well after a lot of thought I came to a decision and parted with my hard earned cash and became the proud owner of one of Mavers 2011 competition poles the Match This 5. This model is a 16m pole and comes with a very impressive spares package consisting of 4 x MT3s, 1 x MT4, 4 x PKs, 1/2 Butt and a cupping kit and cups, I also added another No 4 and 5 section as I often fish deep river venues. The feel and balance of the pole at 13m is absolutely spot on and I can easily hold it with one hand across my leg which allows me to use the catapult without having to put the pole down. The pole is also well balanced at 14.5m and 16m and although most of my fishing is done at 7 to 13m I fully intend to fish it at these lengths when conditions allow on the rivers Welland and Great Ouse this season.