Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm back

Well it has been quite some time since I last posted anything on here mainly due to the fact I haven't been out too much since the end of last season. The fishing locally hasn't been too good and I haven't really been enjoying it if I am honest but over the last few weeks things have picked up and I have rediscovered my love of angling.
My most recent trip was to Ferry Meadows lakes in Peterborough which as most of you know is home to some huge shoals of Bream. Having not fished there for a number of years it was almost like going to a new venue, anyway I decided to fish peg 32 on the high bank on Gunwade lake as there had been reasonable catches of Hybrids from this area recently.
Fishing the waggler at about 16m over groundbait I was soon into a few fish and although I was not setting the world alight it was steady sport non the less.
After a couple of hours I probably had 5lb in the net and decided to do something different to improve my catch rate, I started loose feeding with maggots and casters and altered my shotting pattern to give the bait a slower fall through the water. It wasn't long before the float started holding up as the hybrids were coming up in the water to intercept the loose feed and I soon started slaughtering them. The average size was about 4oz with the odd better one up to 12oz and if you start to catch a few of these the weight soon builds up. Anyway my rhythm was soon broken by a Mallard grabbing my baited hook as I cast in and me having to set up again but this time I set up a lighter rig and set it up shallower. It was only a few minutes before i was back in the swing of things and after another hour or so I decided to call it a day.
19lb of float caught Hybrids and Roach

The end result was 19lb of float caught Hybrids with a few Roach putting in an appearance and all in all not a bad day, interestingly there where 3 anglers fishing the feeder and all struggled for a few fish and none caught a proper Bream. It just goes to show there is more to the lakes than just the Bream that most people go there for, why not do something different for a change and you never know you may just like it.
Cheers Mark