Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Skimmers Go On The Feed

I must admit to getting it wrong this week because with the weather cooling down considerably and the skimmer sport dropping away over the last few weeks we had planned to have a go at the Great Ouse Roach. As usual we stopped at various points along the Kings Lynn AA stretch of the Great Ouse to see if there were any signs of fish moving about. We had seen quite a few  Roach topping at three locations between Denver and Danby Drove but could make our minds up which area to try and so we drove the whole length again to decide. There were plenty of locals between the chapel and Modney bridge that made us think that they probably knew something that we didn't but it was getting busy along there so we thought we would give it a miss. We carried on and as we got near to the piggeries we bumped into Les the bailiff and had a chat with him to see how the river had been fishing in the week and it was a chance comment from him that made up our minds where to fish. With that we bid him farewell and set off to the area we had seen Roach topping when we were looking there earlier.

Map of Kings Lynn AA stretch of the Great Ouse

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ten Mile Bank, the Piggeries

This weekend was pretty much the same as the last with a trip to the Great Ouse but we had decided to fish a section that we had never fished before. A recent mach on the Ouse had seen most of the better weights come from this section which is at the bottom end towards Denver Sluice. It rained for most of the journey there but had just about stopped by the time we arrived at the river, as usual we had a quick drive along to see if there were any signs of fish.
We spotted fish topping at the Piggeries and at Danby Drove but very little in between and so elected to fish the piggeries section for a change.
Today I was accompanied by my friend Graham and my son Callum who is an occasional angler and so my first task was to get him sorted out and fishing. We all decided to fish the feeder with Graham fishing 3/4 across and me and Callum fishing down the middle.

With the venue being so deep the boats do not trouble you at all.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Great Ouse Sunday 2nd October

After my disappointment of blanking on the Ouse last Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to get back down there and make amends this week. I didn't bother writing about it last week as I couldn't really summon the enthusiasm to tell about not getting a bite all day.
Anyway we arrived at the river just after 08.00 and after looking at a couple of area's decided to head for the area around Danby Drove, we stood on the bank for a few minutes and watched countless Roach topping which was enough to make up our minds.
It was decided that a couple of hour on the feeder might be a good way to start as this would give us time to feed up a pole line for later in the day.

The Great Ouse, wide and very deep