Sunday, 24 June 2012

Not a Good Opening To My Season

Well I have eventually got my season started and as seems to be normal these days it has been a bit of an anti climax to say the least. Having missed the start of the season due to work commitments I was really looking forward to getting out by the water, I had a look at the Nene but it was pushing through quite hard with all the rain we keep getting so I decided to have a look at the Middle Level Drain. When I arrived it was quite windy blowing down the drain but at least it was dry, I set up a feeder and proceeded to have a a few cast to find my range before clipping up and starting to put some feed in. A few cast later and I baited up and had my first cast of the new season and with the feeder only just hitting the bottom before the tip started showing the first indication which turned out to be a 2oz Perch. A few more casts and a couple of missed bites later and the heavens opened and the wind gusted strongly, it was all I could do to hang onto my umbrella.
This was after 20 minute and it had eased up considerably