Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Two weekends and not a single Bite!

Well what can I say, that's 2 weekends, 3 sessions and not a single bite so mildly disappointing to say the least. Sunday last week I had planned a trip to the river Glen with my son as he hadn't been for a while and I thought we could get a few bites on this narrow Fenland river. But it all went wrong when the Deeping St James AC changed venues at the 11th hour from the town Welland to the Glen. They put their match on the West Pinchbeck section and although there were other sections of the river available we didn't see any fish top other than on the match length and so we didn't bother fishing.
On the Monday I decided to have a look at the river Nene at Wansford but after a few really cold days the water temperature was down to 3.5 deg and I tackled up almost with an acceptance that I wouldn't get a bite. This turned out to be the case and after 3 bite less hours I called it a day, I did have a chat to a couple of other anglers before I left and they were doing no better at all with neither of them having a single bite. I was booked into a match this weekend just gone but withdrew myself as I just knew it was going to be hard, this turned out to be the case with only 4 of the 15 anglers catching. The winner had 5oz followed by 2oz and joint 3rd with 1/2oz with most of the catches made up of Minnows.
Anyway I had decided that a trip to Ten Mile Bank on the Great Ouse would be a better option but after 3 hours on the pole and an hour on the feeder I called it a day and made the trip home wondering where my next fish was going to come from.
The forecast for the coming week doesn't look great and the planned league match is up in the air with the club leaving it as late a s possible to choose a venue but we live in hope.

A bad day on the river is always still better than a good day in the office though!

Cheers Mark

Sunday, 15 January 2012

River Glen, Round 3 Deeping Individual League.

 Well this Sunday saw me on the river Glen for the first time this season in round 3 of the Deeping St James Individual league, the club had fished it the week before and although I couldn't fish I had been told it was a good match.
We all met up at the Fisherman's Arms pub at Pode Hole  at 08.00 for pre match breakfast and banter before driving the mile or so to the river for the draw, I was 4th into the draw bag and pulled out peg 9 which was about the middle of the stretch

The River Glen at West Pinchbeck