Friday, 7 December 2018

Preston Innovations N-10 Hook Review

After recently purchasing and using these hooks on a couple of occasions I felt compelled to write a review on them and share my honest opinions with you. 
First off I would like to say I'm not one for changing things just because something new comes along, much preferring to stick with what I know and feel works for me. I only normally look at other hooks if I start having problems obtaining my regular patterns or feel the hooks I use no longer meet my requirements and the former reason was why I had to look for an alternative pattern. 

Anyway being caught out at the tackle shop and with little insight into other options available I spent a few minutes looking at possible alternatives and came across the Preston Natural range and having previous experience with their PR311, 322 and 333 hooks thought I would look at the range a little closer. I wanted a nice light round bend hook for pole work on both the river and the canal mainly for Roach, Dace and skimmers and the N-10 looked to be about right for the job. I decided to give them a try and bought them in sizes 22 to 16, at this point I wasn't sure where my next outing would take me so I tied a few of each size in readiness for my next trip.

As it turned out my next outing was to the river Nene at Oundle where I fished the pole and set up 2 rigs with size 18 and 16 N-10 hooks. During the session I fished with Double Pinkie, single/ double maggot and Tares on the hook. The hooks are very sharp and give a good hook hold, I didn't really suffer with and bumped fish and I didn't have any come off when swung to hand. I caught plenty of Roach and Dace between 1 and 6oz in a 10lb catch and went home with a favourable impression of the N-10.

A couple of days later I had a short session on the river Welland at Stamford, this time I used the N-10 for Bread punch and fished 4 and 5mm Punch on size 18s and 16s again.
The hook was just as good fishing punch as it was with the maggots and Tares.
Anyway leas than 2 hrs fishing and another 6lb of Roach in the net I am more than pleased with this hook pattern and look forward to trying out the smaller sizes.

In summary, if you are looking for a fine wire hook with a round bend, medium gape and Black nickel coating that will fish a variety of small baits for Roach, Dace, Skimmers and the like on Pole or Running line then these could well suite your needs.

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