Thursday, 20 December 2012

Grand Union Canal - Sunday 16th Dec

Well with all the recent rain and my local rivers being flooded it was a simple choice for me and the Grand Union Canal it was to be. It was a full three weeks since I had last wet a line and I was looking forward to this as I really do love canal fishing.
I set off at 7.30am  and arrived at the canal about an hour later only to find that parts of it were still frozen over so obviously the water was going to be cold, it would be interesting to see what effect this had on the fish. I was travelling light today as it was a good 20 minutes walk from the car to the area I planned to fish and by the time I arrived at my peg a was pretty hot to say the least.

11.5m to the bush and 2' 6" of water ideal

I was going to keep it simple with just 2 lines at 9 and 11 metres straight in front of me and take it from there, starting with a small ball of bread at 9m into 4 feet of water I left this for a few minutes before having a look with a piece of punch on the hook. It was only a few minutes before the float moved very slightly but I missed the bite, I had a few more small indications before I hooked my first Roach of the day.
I carried on with the punch for an hour or so getting the odd fish but the bites were very tentative with the float hardly moving before deciding to cup in some dark groundbait and putting a pinkie on the hook. This resulted in a more positive bite but after a couple more fish I bumped something a bit bigger (probably a Perch).  I then had the first boat of the day come through and although it did slow down when passing me it went right over my baited area the area and the bites just dried up.
I then decided to to have a look at 11 metres as I had been flicking a few pinkies over the line since I had started again it was a similar story to the 9m line with the odd couple of fish then nothing for a while. The canal seemed to switch off completely at 1 o'clock and after another hour trying both lines and a third line I decided to call it a day. I finished up with a couple of pounds of Roach between 1 and 3oz which although not great was ok considering how cold it had been.

Nice stamp of Roach from the canal

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